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Of note, we are a non-commercial, not-for-profit, editorial, and independent media/photo site. We report the news for the love of the game and to promote soccer, and any other off-the-trail sports in the San Francisco Bay Area. We contribute material to other sites for no fee, and only to give the sport the best coverage possible in the local area for only an acknowledgement/credit and a link to the posted article.

3pointsport, or Nap Badillo, has been posted elsewhere. While this site prefers to report the news and post our own material here, we will also collaborate with other sites to promote the game in the Bay Area.

The following are examples of published/credited external works. This list is ongoing.

USL League Two

USL League Two website (2/13/2020) – the club contributed photos for the main website.

‘Literally Our Club’: San Francisco City FC’s Northsiders Make A Difference From the Stands and In the Community by Cameron Koubek.

SF City FC – various photos contributed to their site (2016 – present)


Thecup.US (11/27/2020) – photo of JASA vs Olympic club used in subheader

2020 US Open Cup Qualifying Win & You’re In: Former pros lead historic Olympic Club to first USOC berth

Thecup.US (9/27/2020) – photo of JASA vs Olympic club used published

2020 US Open Cup Qualifying: Round 1 game-by-game review – The Beautiful Blog (2010-present)

3pointsport has contributed photos to the Beautiful Blog at showcasing soccer. Note that this stint is independent of the site, but is crucial to promoting the game in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of the material here is not associated with other sites, but can be highlighted elsewhere.

Most of the coverage is from the lower leagues.

Article (4/7/21)

Photo from July 2019 SF City v SF Glens posted

Bay Area Soccer: SF City, SF Glens, Project 51O USL League 2 season canceled, Possible new NISA team in Redwood City, Oakland Roots score TV contract

Article (10/23/2020)

Photo of SF City FC posted

Bay Area Soccer: Oakland Roots name Fondy POY, SF City Annual Meeting on Oct. 24

SF City article (7/17/2020)

SF City Suspends Ties with USF – photo from SF City at Negoesco Stadium at USF taken 2017 posted in the article.

SF City suspend ties with USF Men Soccer after sexual misconduct allegations

JASA article (12/23/2019) – photo of UPSL game submitted to the site.

Soccer: JASA Redwood City wins UPSL Wild West Cup over San Leandro

SF City wins Derby over SF Glens (7/3/2019) – photos contributed to the article.

SF City wins Derby over SF Glens

(6/17/2019) – photo of San Ramon FC game posted to article.

Bay Area Soccer: Farolito wins, SF City loses, UPSL & NPSL results, Roots add player

(6/14/2019) – photo of SF City posted to article.

Bay Area Soccer: SF viewing US Women’s World Cup, SF City at home; UPSL & NPSL playoff race

(5/10/2019) – photo of SF City vs SF Glens contributed.

Bay Area Soccer: SF City looks for third win; USWNT at Levi’s, Quakes, UPSL & NPSL preview

(4/9/2019) – archived photo from 2018 posted as byline as preview for upcoming season.

Bay Area Soccer: SF City teams up with SF Elite, Quakes finally win, NPSL & UPSL

(7/17/2018) – Photo of El Farolito of the NPSL showcased in article.

Bay Area Soccer Roundup: Season ends for El Farolito, SF City, SF Glens; SJ Earthquakes to play Man United

(7/12/2018) – Photo of the SF derby between SF City and the SF Glens posted.

Bay Area Soccer Roundup: SF City and SF Glens clash in SF Derby, El Farolito advances in NPSL playoffs

(6/8/2018) – Photo of supporters highlighted at the Beautiful Blog at

Bay Area Soccer Roundup: SF City host ‘community day’, SF Glens on road, SJ Quakes at home, NPSL playoff push

(6/1/2018) – Photo of SF City used to highlight local derby vs the Glens

SF City & SF Glens face off in inaugural San Francisco Derby

(5/10/2018) – Photo of US Open Cup game used in byline.

SF City FC advance past CD Aguiluchos 4-0 in US Open Cup

(12/10/2012) – Photo of Jon Busch posted as part of the Beautiful Blog. Alan Black was the administrator and editor of the site at that time.

Heart of an Ultra

SF Gate outside of the Beautiful Blog. I had two photos contributed to articles on Marta of Brazil.

(6/7/2019) – article by Douglas Zimmerman

These Women’s World Cup players have Bay Area roots (photo 3)

(9/27/2010) – article by Tom Fitzgerald. Douglas Zimmerman asked for a photo of the match since I was there as a supporter with the San Jose Ultras, and I submitted two from the championship match. This was given for the love of the game. I have seen the game from both sides of the pitch, as a supporter/fan and as a press photographer. This was the unofficial debut, although I had a previous stint with the Bay Soccer from 2008 to 2009 covering the San Jose Earthquakes.

FC Gold Pride are champs (two photos)

Midfield Press

Select photos posted for NASL, NPSL, and PDL (now USL League Two) articles.

San Francisco City FC:

NorCal Game of the Week June 2nd: SF City Top the SF Glens in the First PDL SF Derby

NorCal Game of the Week May 27th: San Diego Zest Spoil SF City’s Return to Kezar

SF City FC Salvage Late Draw in Home Opener Against Peninsula Derby Rivals Burlingame Dragons

The Pacheco Clásico: Fresno vs. San Francisco

CD Aguiluchos USA/El Farolito/Stompers (NPSL):

NorCal Game of the Week May 12th: El Farolito Return to Winning Ways Against East Bay

NorCal Game of the Week April 28th: El Clásico de la Bahia

CD Aguiluchos USA Take Leg 2 of the Alameda County Derby

Aguiluchos Take Their NPSL Opener in the Alameda County Derby

More links coming soon.

Note: published as “theprojectfc” – which is the general photo banner including other events, non-sports, art, fashion, and other subjects.


FootySF (2013 to 2017 – I was their photographer from 2015-2017 covering MLS, US Soccer, the NASL, PDL, various events/parties/meets, and International Champions Cup) – of note, from that time frame FootySF was part of the Beautiful Blog. Select photos have been posted on their Facebook page.

Photos have been highlighted on their website. From July 2015.

We are the Champions Cup, my friend

Other FootySF collaborations include the San Francisco chapter of Street Soccer USA and other promotions around the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose Earthquakes 2015 March to Soccer tour promoting the opening of their stadium). (2015-2016 for the San Jose Earthquakes, 2015 to present for various assignments) – now called the assignment was similar to FootySF except with a focus on the San Jose Earthquakes or US Soccer.

Metro (San Jose) and so forth – photo of Old Firm Casuals posted in Gary Singh’s book The San Jose Earthquakes: A Seismic Soccer Legacy published in 2015.

A similar photo was posted in the Metro January 2014.

Other Works/Published Material

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