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Yes, some more musings from kairostic.com (Quakes Fans) – the competitive gap is widening between the haves and have-nots.  Only a cap is keeping things in place, with designated player spots being utilized to acquire max talent elsewhere.  It’s looking like this team is becoming more like the Money Ball of soccer (of note: the …

This Week 1-13-20

Aloha.  In the past week there has been some “hot stove” news regarding the Quakes.  First off, Tom Fox has decided to leave the team for other opportunities. Also, the Quakes select defender Tanner Beason as their first pick, 12th overall in the first round,  in the 2020 Draft.  Midfielder Jack Skahan (27th overall) and …

Latest News

For 2019 we plan to cover the Quakes and the local NPSL/USL League Two scene.  We will report on any matches or soccer related events that come to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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3pointsport is a sports photo site covering soccer and other off-the-trail events in the San Francisco Bay Area


Every game I’ll be posting select highlights of each match along with a select group of photos for the site.  You can also follow at the flickr site (which includes soccer and non-soccer material) or the instagram page at 3pointsport.

I’m also at theprojectfc for all the other material–also on instagram.

(Negoesco Stadium – USF 2017)

Right now

The main theme is soccer/football.  On July 2018, I covered the Rugby World Cup Sevens for one day. In the future I plan to expand to other sports.  Because my previous sponsors were soccer/football based this site would allow me to cover other events outside of the beautiful game and so far rugby has been added to the 3pointsport slate.

(San Francisco City 2017)

(Kenya vs Scotland rugby 7s 2018)



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