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4/23/2023 – we plan to expand our coverage either from the field or in the stands.  The switch is more games from press row at the top flight and with the local scene we’ll be mixing our spots be with the crowd or on the pitch close to the action.  The theme is to support the game at the local level with the various tour coverage of the international teams.  The focus from 2021 and 2022 was on you the fans and supporters of the game especially after a very limited 2020–from here on further it’s the field coverage with the once in a while spot game with the fans.  There is no set format except the site will be a blend of journalistic coverage, photo highlights, with the occasional art tests.   Let us know what you like to see.


For 2020 we plan to cover the Quakes, Roots, and the local NPSL/USL League Two scene.  We will report on any matches or soccer related events that come to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Expanded coverage will include select local league matches.

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