Poll – Pulse of the Audience

We want to know what coverage you want to see on the site.  So far this year we have seen games with the Earthquakes (MLS) and SF City (PDL) as the flagship teams, and coverage of the SF Glens (PDL), El Farolito (NPSL), CD Aguiluchos (NPSL), and the Stompers (NPSL).  In the past with other outlets we’ve done the Deltas of the old NASL, the International Champions Cup from 2015 to 2017, and the US National Teams–men and women.

From now until next week vote on the 3pointsport twitter site.  We want to get an idea on how and where to take our coverage.  Also follow 3pointsport on twitter at http://twitter.com/3pointsportsf


Update 8/27: We’ll be evaluating things in September. If it’s the Quakes playing a friendly against an international club it gets coverage. Outside of the site, as a fan Nap has covered some college games, including friendlies against PDL clubs. It is something the site is trying to explore in the future besides the local teams so stay tuned.