This Week 5-25-20

We remember those who serve and those who lost their lives.

No news on the soccer front except the latest buzz is for a return to play sometime in July but not here in San Jose.  The Roots already have cancelled their Spring season and plan to return in the Fall possibly behind closed doors.

However, we have something to get you through the week.  The Quakes have released a mini-documentary about the 1974 NASL team with interviews from the players who were on the roster.  While this doesn’t have 10 hours of footage of basketball, this story could have been shown in more than one hour, or extended to include a few more seasons.  Still, this is a condensed story of that year and is worth the watch.  Enjoy!

This Week 5-18-20

There’s no news on the soccer front this week.  However, here’s an interview with SF City board member Jake Steinberg on supporter ownership, which is the club’s management model.  The focus is also on Chattanooga FC of NISA, so have a listen and enjoy.

And a bonus:


This Week 5-11-20

Only one news item for now, from the Beautiful Blog  I’ll let them tell the story.

Bay Area Soccer: SJ Earthquakes fans feed hospital workers, Oakland Roots add player, new USL team in Monterey

The guess was the team was to be in Walnut Creek/Concord, but it looks like the defunct Fresno team will be now playing in the Monterey area.  We’ll be following the development and progress of new USL club when it starts play.  For now, continue to stay safe and well.

Latest News

Some news that we missed.  The deets from The Beautiful Blog are here, and it’s very much what has been mentioned in the news.

Bay Area Soccer: Oakland Roots, SF City and SF Glens seasons canceled


Also, the San Jose Ultras have put something together for the healthcare workers at Valley Medical Center with the help of the game day food trucks from Earthquakes Stadium. The Quakes website has posted a story here.

Right now, there are no scheduled matches in May but we’ll come up with soccer related material every week  in the meantime, or be creative in this unprecedented time.  In the meantime, stay home and stay safe.

This Week 4-27-20

The report is a bit late.  However, some news regarding NISA and the UPSL.

2020 Spring Season Update (

Anyone who has purchased a membership for the now cancelled season will now roll over to the Fall Season.

The release verbatim from the Roots:

Roots Fans,

We greatly appreciate your support and patience as we continue to navigate through this global pandemic together. Today it was announced by the National Independent Soccer Association that the remainder of the 2020 Spring Season will be canceled after conferring with medical experts, the US Soccer Federation, and other professional soccer leagues. NISA has additionally announced its plans for a potential Independent Cup this Summer, the timeline for the 2020 Fall Season, and its return to play protocol.

All tickets purchased for 2020 Spring Season home games will roll-over to the Fall Season pending the CDC’s recommendation that it is safe to have fans in stadiums. Oakland Roots Members will receive full 2020 Fall Memberships, with no additional payment required. For Group and Single-Game ticket holders, you will receive priority to select the game of your choice this Fall. Details regarding the 2020 Fall Season Schedule will be announced as soon they are available.

For inquiries regarding Oakland Roots tickets please contact us at

Read the full statement from NISA below: 

For Immediate Release April 27, 2020 Chicago, Illinois 

The National Independent Soccer Association’s (NISA) COVID-19 Task Force continues to work with medical experts, the US Soccer Federation, and the other professional soccer leagues to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 global environment as well as assemble NISA’s Return to Play (RTP) protocol for its clubs. The RTP protocol will be comprised of three phases, 1) Preparation, 2) Return to Training, and 3) Return to Match Play. NISA will also continue to adhere to guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as mandates from the State and local governments. 

NISA’s Spring Season launched in February and had been scheduled to end in June; however, due to the global impact of the COVID-19 virus, this has become an unrealistic time frame for the league to get back to the pitch to complete the season. As a result, The National Independent Soccer Association is officially announcing the cancellation of the balance of the Spring Season while at the same time announcing Fall Season details. NISA and its member clubs look forward to welcoming the NY Cosmos and New Amsterdam FC to the league’s competition in the fall. The intent is to start the season in August and end in November. At this point, the league is preparing to play in one of three environments: 1) closed door, 2) open door with a limited number of fans, and 3) open door. The environment will be predicated by best practices as determined by NISA’s COVID-19 Task Force, comprised of medical experts, along with guidance from the CDC and concern for the health and well being of our players, staff, and fans. 

The National Independent Soccer Association is also planning its inaugural NISA Independent Cup, a competition between a collection of NISA clubs and select high-level amateur clubs. It’s anticipated the Independent Cup will be a regional competition behind closed doors and take place between Mid-July and Mid-August. Details of the clubs participating and the competition format will be forthcoming. NISA Commissioner, John Prutch, acknowledged that there are still many details that cannot be worked out today, such as whether or not spectators will be allowed to attend matches and when exactly clubs will be allowed to return to training. “The world has changed, and with it, so must we. Whether you’re an athlete or a business, you can adapt to unique challenges. At NISA, these shifts are being made in fundamental business strategies using creative, adaptive, and strategic solutions to resume play when it is safe and reasonable to do so with continued advisory from top medical experts. The path to achieving these goals is fluid as we adapt to an ever-evolving landscape, and we will proceed with care and ensure all of the appropriate steps are in place as we move forward,” John Prutch, NISA Commissioner.

Stay healthy, and we look forward to celebrating together again soon. Thank you for your commitment to Oakland, and Roots.


Also an update from the UPSL.  

UPSL 2020 Spring Season Update (

April 27, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – First, we want to send our best wishes for good health to everyone in the UPSL community during these unprecedented times.

We have been monitoring closely the developments at a national and regional level while remaining optimistic that soccer will be played again soon.

Clearly nothing will re-start in early May, so our plans now shift to the possibility of re-starting the season in late May or early June.

While we cannot predict the exact timing, we can be ready with a schedule if and when the time comes. For now we intend to stay flexible and keep an open mind.

Our plans include creating a safety protocol that will be in place for all games. These are intended to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

It is becoming very clear that some parts of the country will be opening up sooner than others. This means that the number of available weeks to complete a regular season may vary from conference to conference. This should not cause any problems so long as a sufficient number of games are played.

Scenario 1: Start May 23-24

Regular Season – May 23-24 to Aug. 2. 11 weekends to complete minimum 10 games.
Playoffs Round of 32 – Aug. 8-9
Playoffs Round of 16 – Aug. 15-16
Regional Finals – Aug. 22-23
National Finals – Sept. 5-7 (Labor Day)

Scenario 2: Start May 30-31

Regular Season – May 30-31 to Aug. 2. 10 weekends to complete minimum 10 games.
Playoffs Round of 32 – Aug. 8-9
Playoffs Round of 16 – Aug. 15-16
Regional Finals – Aug. 22-23
National Finals – Sept. 5-7 (Labor Day)

Scenario 3: Start June 6-7

Regular Season – June 6-7 to Aug. 9. 10 weekends to complete minimum 10 games.
(Play-In game for some divisions required to qualify for Round of 16 playoffs.)
Playoffs Round of 16 – Aug. 15-16
Regional Finals – Aug. 22-23
National Finals – Sept. 5-7 (Labor Day)

We will provide further updates as new information regarding restrictions and timelines become available.

Thank you,

Yan Skwara
UPSL Commissioner


MLS is still under a moratorium until May 15 with an intent to resume arond June 8.


This Week 4-20-20

No news this week, except what has been announced last week ranging from the Roots to the 2020 USL League Two campaign being cancelled with announcements coming in from SF City and the Glens respectively.

Updates from the Quakes are here on their website.

It is looking more like MLS, possibly NISA that could see games return but whether or not the fans will be able to attend the matches remains to be seen.

And a few pics from the Instagram feed to get through the day and this week.  Follow us there, and like/follow us on Facebook.



From the SF City website:


Our community is facing a health crisis of unprecedented proportions, and SF City FC intends to do its part to help. We have worked closely with both our fellow clubs in USL League Two’s Southwest Division and with league officials from USL to determine the best response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

After thorough consideration and discussion, it has been decided unanimously by all the member clubs of the Southwest Division to not participate in the 2020 USL League Two season. While the decision was made with reluctance, we cannot flinch from our responsibilities to our fans, players, and community for the following reasons.

One, the impact of social distancing on community gatherings and lack of venue availability has been drastic. It is simply not possible to engage in public sporting events at this time under current restrictions, and we wholeheartedly endorse the decisions of our public health officials and intend to do all we can to support them, and thus hasten the end of this crisis. The uncertainty of when we will be able to host matches again makes the necessary planning for even a shortened or delayed season impossible.

Two, closed-door games are not an option for us. First, football without supporters is unthinkable, contrary to the club’s ethos, and economically unsound. Next, the significant health risks to our players are unacceptable and we cannot expect them to be adequately prepared to represent the club without the ability to train as a group.

And finally, we have a responsibility to you, our fans and owners, to the long-term health and growth of this club, which would be gravely threatened by attempting to compete in an atmosphere clouded by the economic repercussions of the pandemic on sports in general and our sponsors.

Therefore, we intend to shift our focus this season to doing all we can to support our community in this crisis. The Club is making an immediate donation of PPE to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. We intend to continue with our charitable and community activities to the greatest extent possible. In addition, for all those that already purchased a membership for this season we are offering the option of a refund. That said, members are the foundation of SF City and we appreciate your dedication and support during these challenging times so for all that continue their memberships for 2020 we are proud to offer the following benefits:

  • We will donate a portion of your 2020 membership dues to local organizations aiding the front line responders and those hit hardest by the pandemic, in addition to the funds we have already committed. We will also do this for anyone who buys a membership going forward.
  • You will still receive your membership packet, including scarf, for this season and retain all membership privileges.
  • We will honor 2020 “bring-a-friend” and drink vouchers throughout the 2021 season.
  • Free admission to any club events in 2020.

Let’s all work together to help each other through these difficult times. We promise we’ll be back as soon as possible better and stronger than ever.


Statement from the Glens:

A Message for the Glens Family About Our 2020 Season

Dear Glens Family,

First, we want to share with you our love and appreciation for the support and patience you have demonstrated as we worked closely with league officials as well as local, state, and national health authorities to understand the impact of COVID-19 on our upcoming season.

These are challenging times as San Francisco, our nation, and the world face a global pandemic that has affected our families, communities, and way of life. Though our goal has always been to provide you with the highest level of soccer possible, it cannot come at the cost of the safety and well-being of our fans, players, coaches, staff, and everyone involved.

Thus, after careful thought and consideration, it was determined that the Glens—along with the other five clubs in the Southwest Division—have collaboratively made the difficult decision to withdraw from the 2020 USL League Two season.

“We absolutely support the Southwest Division’s decision,” said USL Vice President Joel Nash. “At the end of the day, it was about much more than soccer and we look forward to welcoming them back even stronger in 2021.”

In the meantime, all six Southwest Division clubs encourage everyone within our respective communities to be kind to one another, to look after those in need, and to encourage social distancing as much as possible.

We will continue to stay active and engaged in our community off the pitch, and welcome any and all support in those endeavors. Only together can we endure these trying times and come out stronger for it. Please stay home and stay safe.


Latest News

Very sad news from the Roots.  Plus the take from Doug at the Beautiful Blog.

WARNING: The post contains written graphic content.

Oakland Roots release Benji Joya after arrest for allegedly sending explicit pictures to teen

This Week 4-13-20

No new news but MLS had attempted to resume in May.  However, it looks like that the games may be on hold indefinitely, until November at least in the South Bay.

In the meantime, something to get through this adverse time.

COMMUNITY: Bay Area nurse utilizes overseas connections to allocate thousands of masks for local hospitals (

Also SF City has been trying to do good in the community.  For each sale 15% will be donated to the SF/Marin Food Bank.

If you just want to donate directly, the SF/Marin Food Back has a Facebook page.

One more, a fellow supporter/fan from the soccer family/network needs some help.  Any amount helps.  Anyone has had a family member hit by illness so even at this unprecedented time it takes a village to pull through.

Update: their goal was met in a short amount of time but always a chance to still contribute.  Again any amount helps.

Another one to help out those who are working in the hospitals.  The San Jose Ultras could not make their trip to Miami for their April anniversary so instead they started a plan to have food trucks serve the medical staff at West Valley Medical Center.  They managed to hit their goal in less than a day, with the Quakes matching their total.  So, the page is still up and anything big or small makes a difference.

We’ll be posting at least something once a week.  Something from the vault.  July 2017 USA v Jamaica Gold Cup Final.  Taken for FootySF.

And a reminder.