Poll – Patreon

Right now exploring the idea of a Patreon.  What would like to see?  Vote on twitter at http://twitter.com/3pointsportsf


We do this for the love of the game, but a Patreon would help considerably in web hosting and production.  We like to give rewards like prints,magazines, or even scarves to the loyal followers.  It’s our way of saying thanks and rather than have a tip jar a Patreon means we’re able to produce and expand on content.  We don’t mind doing this on the side but at least we don’t have to be flipping burgers, painting fences, or becoming a janitor to get this rolling.  The goal is we want to make this as full-time of a venture as possible.  Plus, the various outlets rely on an online presence over print in order to stay relevant and while we prefer to just report, post, and write articles and blogs we want to post bonus material as our way of saying thanks. Also, if we can have more Patreons we can have full time writers or even a second photographer to cover another team in there is a scheduling conflict. So, let us know on Twitter.