Nighthawks v Olympic Club was there along with the SF City Northsiders to check out the San Francisco Nighthawks play against the Olympic Club women’s team at the Beach Chalet on Saturday.  In past years City and the Nighthawks have hosted double headers so the arrangement has stuck in place.  (Disclaimer: the writer is a member of the Northsiders).

The game was just as competitive as the top flight NWSL with players in for the love of the sport and possibly the hope of getting a chance to play in the big leagues.  In the end the Nighthawks emerged as the winner defeating Olympic Club 3-2 and retaining their hold on the top spot in the Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League, while the Olympic Club remain in second place.

The set (including the Instagram posts):

The Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League schedule and results can be found here on their website.

The standings are also here.