This Week 1-14-19

The SuperDraft was held this past Friday and continues Monday.  We’ll have an update this week on the full results.

In the meantime the Quakes report and the 3pointsport spin on the event.

JASA Redwood City had a match over the weekend against Cal United FC II from the San Diego area for the UPSL West title.  The result was not meant to be, with the San Mateo County club losing 1-0 to the second team of Cal United FC.



Cal United FC II moves on to the UPSL semi-finals, while JASA prepares for the upcoming off-season wondering what may have been.  If you have a need for a soccer fix, support the lower leagues.  Most of the games are free, and a chance to maybe catch the next future top-flight player. Congratulations to both teams, plus the local UPSL clubs Oakland Stompers, San Leandro United, San Ramon, and Real San Jose to name, on a well-played season.


Here’s a great story from Elliott Almond of the San Jose Mercury on this year’s pick Siad Haji.

Update: How Earthquakes came out in the 2019 MLS draft

From the MLS website, a profile on 2nd round pick Sergio Rivas.

Quakes’ underdog draft pick Sergio Rivas savors “once in a lifetime” moment (


Any roster moves pertaining to the Quakes or any other Bay Area soccer highlights will be updated at  We’re highlighting the latest news on the front page.  For all the archives head over to the News.  We plan for bigger and bigger things in 2019 and we will be reporting on the Bay Area soccer scene.