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It’s close to the weekend.  However, some musings that we needed to share immediately.

First and foremost, Quakesfan has their critique on the status of MLS and the increase of international players over the “domestics”, which consists of the American and Canadian players.  When the league was started in 1996 the focus was giving American players a chance to play.  Fast forward to 2019 and the shift is now towards the Central American and South American players. In that sense the analytics are starting to remind us of the old NASL 1.0.

Also, Quakes defender Nick Lima was called to the US January camp last year.  This time, he hopes to finally earn his first cap.   A read from

One more from the podcast.  Their latest chat is with MLS/NASL alum Danny Cruz and another of the MLS originals Darren Sawatzky, now the head coach of FC Tuscon.  Note: click on Episode 11.