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The latest deets has a ton of news.   First up, Quakesfan has the highlights from last night’s 1-1 draw between the Quakes and Timbers in the first of two games in a 4 day span. As of now, only few outlets are allowed into the stadium so there is limited reporting.  Along with many of our contemporaries who are either staying away or on hiatus, we are currently opting out of field coverage depending on the Quakes opponent, and so far every opponent has made the past trip to San Jose.

For now, one of our friends of the site drive_x_strike was able to obtain access to the match.  He does not have a press site except for a photo host but check out and follow his instagram feed.  We enjoy his material as well and is worth the follow.

To no one’s surprise with the Roots going from NISA to the USL Championship their reserve team Project 51O will be making the switch from the NPSL to USL League Two.  Already we are looking forward to the rivalry games between them and SF City, the Glens, and the Santa Cruz Breakers the way footy is supposed to be.  Their schedule along with the other local teams will be contingent on whether people will be able to return and attend the matches.

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