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A bit late but timely.  First and foremost the highlights from Wednesday’s Quakes blowout loss, which has become a bit of a trend of late.

Next up, the deets from the Roots second game in the NISA Fall Tournament, which is also their swan song given their move to the USL Championship in 2021.  As of April we were looking forward to the Oakland Roots host Detroit City but it was not meant to be.  Instead, they duel as lame ducks in this match.

And moving to the opinion section, first up, Quakesfan gives their take on their defense of the General Manager.  We’ll yield to them.

Plus their critique on Matias.

Finally, our friend Joel Soria gives his take on sfgate on the current state of affairs with the Quakes.  In order to compete, the team needs to spend to meet expectations of the newer teams such as Atlanta United.

If you do, please give Joel a follow on Twitter.  He is part of the next generation of soccer scribes and anything he publishes is worth a read.

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