This Week 3-1-21

Right now, no news on the MLS or USL schedules nor any updates on whether the lower leagues will play this year.

The SFSFL on Instagram has announced their intention to play this year but nothing concrete of yet.

The Beautiful Blog has their latest deets.  Doug Zimmerman explains the Oakland Roots’ latest charity initiative, while Michael Koenig reports on the college beat, which as started play in the spring after skipping their usual fall schedule due to the pandemic.

Also one more player has popped up on twitter called San Francisco Love SC.

While the source is currently unknown, and there is the void left by the Deltas in regards to second tier professional soccer the spot tends to lament about past glories.  An attempt to once again place a top tier club will be met with competition from SF City and the Glens with their own aspirations to possibly move up the ranks,  Any current or former effort to establish a professional team in San Francisco will require extensive research and planning to succeed in a very challenging market.  Right now, that bar has been raised due to the success of the Oakland Roots.  Stay tuned as to how this plays out in the future.

Update 3/2/21: Quakesfan has his take on the roster changes and what will go forward for the Quakes in 2021.

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