This Week 5-31-21

Hello and welcome to June.  It has been a long week here but we are back and motivated for a ton of soccer in this month and in the future.

First up the only game was the Quakes 1-0 loss to the Galaxy on the road from an own goal by Tanner Beason.   Right now the team is on a losing streak and even though there is plenty of games to be played the panic button has started.

On that note, our friend of the site Quakesfan has his latest take which is more of a rant.  We can take bets that some of the items listed may or may not happen but always appreciative of what he thinks whether we agree or disagree.  Here goes and buckle along for the ride.

Also the obvious from last week.  We are very saddened from the events in San Jose.  The Bay Area is our home hence the name 3 point (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and parts around and in-between).

Lest we forget. And again. And again.