This Week 8-2-21

OK only one game this weekend and it was at Beach Chalet checking out SF City against the Glens reserves in SFSFL local league play.

The Quakes pull the upset with a 1-0 win over Seattle on the road and get some very valuable points, while the Roots played against Orange County at their temporary venue in Livermore, Las Positas College.  Doug’s writeups on those matches are up at his new site but we’ve shared it along with the other articles in this blurb.

Yes–our friend Quakesfan is back with some musings on the season up to now.  Alright–a ton of fans will most likely get riled up on his latest takes but regardless Dan will have some very difficult views to report.  To grow the game in the Bay Area, we value journalism that if the big outlets won’t do it then the small locals well.  Here, we may or may not say if we agree or disagree but we’ll respect that the story is being told and he will get a platform here.  Because of that, Dan and Doug will get shared on this spot. Check it out!

Also, as some noticed The Beautiful Blog was deactivated from so now the stories will be posted at a new site and all the current and past material will be there.  Here, we’re only posting our original takes while sharing the latest from the Bay Area but Doug, Mike K, and Mike A do a much better job at reporting so we’ll yield.

We could not make it to the NPSL playoff game with Farolito but Doug provides the shots from the game while Mike K reports from Boxer Stadium where the team was finally able to host a game since the return of play.

NPSL Golden Gate Quarterfinals: El Farolito Wins Shootout, Davis Stunned by Sonoma

San Jose Earthquakes surpise first place Seattle Sounders

Questionable call dooms Oakland Roots to loss against Orange County