Media Letter 2023

3pointsport ( has always been in the media, whether under this banner or elsewhere.

Of note, we are a non-commercial, not-for-profit, editorial, and independent media/photo site. We report the news for the love of the game and to promote soccer, and any other off-the-trail sports in the San Francisco Bay Area. We contribute material to other sites for no fee, and only to give the sport the best coverage possible in the local area for only an acknowledgement/credit and a link to the posted article.

3pointsport has been posted on other websites and publications including FootySF and the Beautiful Blog at (now Soccer Bay Area). While this site prefers to report the news and post our own material here, we will also collaborate with other sites to promote the game in the Bay Area.

For 2023 our coverage not only includes Major League Soccer (MLS) but also USL League Two and the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL). In addition, the stories include select national team tours and international clubs from around the world with a perspective on the local scene.