El Farolito v Mezcala

Our match for the week was at Crocker Amazon Park for El Farolito (NPSL) v Mezcala (SFSFL) in a preseason warmup for both teams. There was no score at the half but Farolito responded with 2 goals in the second half to seal the win and held Mezcala to a shutout.

We cannot announce anything just yet except the NPSL will play soon starting the first weekend in June with Farolito playing at the eastern recreational fields with Beach Chalet to the west.

Our photo album is enclosed, with both the sets and instagram pics in this series. We will be back Monday for the “This Week” blurb.


Olympic Club v Mezcala (SFSFL Championship Game)

We have been busy this weekend with both the Quakes v Red Bulls game Saturday and the SFSFL Championship Game between Mezcala and Olympic Club at Boxer Stadum.  Olympic Club ended up being the dominant team with a 5-2 victory over Mezcala to win the trophy.  Despite the Sunday being dominated by other headlines, a respectable crowd of 300 were in attendance for this title match.

The San Francisco Soccer Football League (SFSFL) is one of the oldest soccer leagues in the USA, having their start in 1902.  To put this in perspective, the US Open Cup didn’t start until 1914, the National Football League (American football) until 1920, and the baseball championship which was later to called the “World” Series didn’t get contested until the following year in 1903, with a boycott happening that year after by a team called the New York Giants, and not resuming until 1905 with that team winning it all.

We were there with a few of the SF City people and Tommy from the Roots so here is the take–since a pair, Dylan Murphy and Danny Kirkland, were representing Olympic Club.

We have a few select shots here in the gallery, plus the set on the Flickr host/cloud:



Our plan is to cover select games around the UPSL and other lower leagues for the rest of the calendar year.  We’ve covered the Oakland Roots, Oakland Stompers, the SFSFL title match, and we like to venture down to Redwood City to check out JASA so stay tuned for more matches between now and November.  The next matches for 3pointsport will be the remaining Quakes matches at Avaya, both a friendly against Cruz Azul and the final league match against Colorado.  We love to know what you think so we can take things to the next level next season.