Throwback-Flashback: Tottenham Hotspur

In this edition of Throwback-Flashback, I’m posting material from Tottenham Hotspur FC, aka Spurs, of North London.

The highlights are from 2010 when they toured the US and one of their games was a Saturday matinee against San Jose.  Most of the shots were from the combined supporters section at that time.

Some of the highlights included Gareth Bale and Robbie Keane making an appearance at Buck Shaw Stadium on that day.  The match was merely a showcase highlighting the arrangement with the Quakes and Spurs.  Not much is heard about that today, but in the past the idea would have been to shuffle players on loan to both sides.  The Quakes did train at the Spurs grounds one year.  Maybe the team could have landed a younger Harry Kane on loan here, but that was not feasible then with a college stadium.  Despite my preference for another club I actually enjoyed this match as both a fan and a photographer.

Select shots of Spurs. By Nap Badillo.


Next time, I’ll be posting a blurb of another club from past experiences, be in the stands or on the pitch.

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