Throwback-Flashback: Everton FC

Earlier this week I started a new series called “Throwback-Flashback”. Here I’ll be posting a theme from past games, merely as a showcase.  Anything of interest will be posted with a selection of shots and a story behind them.

The first series will be on Everton FC, from Liverpool, England and one of the most storied clubs from there.  The shots are from July 2013 when they played a friendly against Juventus FC of Turin, Italy at AT&T Park.

The view was from the first base dugout at the baseball grounds, so I was literally behind the end zone.  Before Levi’s Stadium was built, AT&T hosted a few select games from the US National Team in 2006 to the San Jose Earthquakes in 2012.  Candlestick Park when it was still in existence also held soccer matches before closing in late 2014.

The result from this friendly was a 1-1 draw with Everton winning 6-5 on penalty kicks.  Some of the marquee names from the English side included Tim Howard and Marouane Fellaini, which was worth the price of the ticket.

Select shots from the Everton side. By Nap Badillo.

The team has the recent history of having US players from the aforementioned Howard, Brian McBride, and Landon Donovan during his short loan from MLS so I have to tip my hat off to this team.  I dedicate this series to Tommy and Brendan, who are the biggest Everton supporters on this side so it’s for them and the “Blue” crew.   Next time I’ll be posting another club from the vault.