This week 11-12-18

Our task last weekend was to be at a match.  Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions and air quality the Stompers game against San Ramon was canceled.  No date has been rescheduled.  The same with most events around the area, though some others went on as planned.

Also the JASA-Stompers game has been rescheduled for Saturday November 24 at 5pm and that match could go down to who gets the second playoff spot with the Redwood City club already having a lock on first place.


And yes, Sunday the Oakland Roots hosted a party.  According to a report from Front Row Soccer they are rumored to be in the NPSL Pro for next year.  Right now, stay tuned as official announcements for a league and kits to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

THE KICKOFF: NPSL will start its pro division with Founders Cup next August and at 11 least teams, including Cosmos


Oakland Roots open house at the Athletic Club in Oakland Sunday November 11, 2018




We held back on posting this here but since our buddies at the Beautiful Blog decided to write an article on this news item, we felt that it needed to be posted.  We are about having fun and celebrating the game from the top flight to the lower tier here in the Bay Area but the mission statement is that all are welcome.  Once again props to Doug for having this news item at the main site.

Also some very very sad news.  More so when it hits close to home in the soccer world.  We would rather report on the fun and joy of the game, and the only sadness and despair we’d rather tell is about the team losing a match or a player getting hurt during the match. The local soccer community and everyone else rallied behind one of their own.



Dan from has his latest podcast.   Again, we’re more of a photo and journalism site but we like to give some love to the people who can do a better job commenting on the Quakes or Bay Area soccer in general.  So, check it out.

This weekend on Saturday November 17, the Stompers and JASA will be in US Open Cup action.  The former will be hosting Academica SC at Raimondi Park at 7:30pm while the latter will be on the road to Portland, Oregon to play IPS/Marathon Taverna 7pm kickoff.  Any more news stay tuned here for the latest.