This week 11-19-18

Some news.  Unfortunately, the fires from Northern California continue to burn with air quality getting worse as of Thursday, prompting cancellation of Bay Area soccer events, including the US Open Cup match between the Stompers and Academica.  The game as of this post has not been rescheduled.  This marked the second straight weekend that select games were not played due to the smoke.

However, JASA Redwood City was on the road to play IPS/Marathon Taverna at Portland, Oregon and the result was IPS/Marathon Taverna coming out on top with a 3-2 win over the San Mateo County club.


JASA will now host the Oakland Stompers Saturday November 24 5pm at Red Morton Park in Redwood City and what could decide playoff rank.

One match did get played in Napa, with the Club America reserves playing against Napa Valley 1839 FC.  Unfortunately, we were planning to be in Oakland but could not switch at the last minute.  So just a report with the Mexican club reserves playing to a 4-2 win over the Wine Valley upstarts.


However, the past few days have been busy with the announcement of the Oakland Roots planning to play in what has been called NPSL Pro.  A few of the NASL holdouts (Cosmos and Miami FC), plus the newcomer Roots are slated to form the new NPSL Pro, along with NPSL lower flight standouts Detroit City FC and Chattanooga FC.

Also, an interview by Chris Kivlehan has an article on the Oakland Roots and their creative minds behind the vision.

Oakland Roots Join NPSL To Bring Community-Based Pro Caliber Soccer To The Town

Doug at also has his take on the announcement.

Again, from Midfield Press.  Writer Tommy Hodul has shifted from writing for the outlet to being the press official for the Roots.

NPSL To Kick Off Pro-Level Competition With Founders Cup In August 2019

To the former PDL, now renamed USL League Two.  The USL has been officially branded as the Championship, while the Division Three league that was proposed is now known as USL League One.  The SF Glens have announced the brand change,  SF City have promoted it as well on their site, while the Santa Cruz Breakers are yet to announce the rebrand.


Also, SF City is already selling memberships for their 2019 season.  Various perks include a designer scarf, tickets, and voting privileges in various decision-making procedures, such as voting for rules or board members.  Support local.  (Disclaimer: I own a membership in the team.)


Some musings from the folks at – there is a major shakeup forthcoming in 2019–Magnus Eriksson is most likely returning to Sweden according to Joel of Quakes Epicenter.

One of the Quakes (Clash) MLS OGs needs help here.

DONATE: Former Clash goalkeeper Tom Liner in search of kidney donation

Also the Fires have been going on for over a week.  The message is a bit dated, but any help is appreciated. #forthegoodofthegame

Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ll be back next weekend for another update, plus if there is any breaking news, or any “hot stove” chatter we will be posting here.  In the meantime follow us on Facebook and Instagram.