This Week 3-2-20

Our coverage last weekend was the official start of the MLS league season and the NISA spring schedule respectively, with the first match on the pitch from San Jose where the home team in the final play of the game drew even with Toronto 2-2, and the second match in the stands where the Oakland Roots had their own dramatics with a come from behind goal to draw with Chattanooga FC 1-1.

Also The Beautiful Blog has their own highlights on both matches–Doug, Mike, and Mike do a much better job explaining their takes:

Doug again has a good read on Oakland Roots coach Jordan Ferrell

New Oakland Roots coach breaks pro soccer color barrier (

Update: Dan from (Quakesfan) has his extensive take on the game–again he explains things better with his own spin.

In other news, El Farolito loses to Napa Valley  1-0 in their home opener at Kezar Stadium.  The next coverage will be back to San Jose this weekend against Minnesota.  The Roots will be hosting Michigan Stars.