This Week 4-13-20

No new news but MLS had attempted to resume in May.  However, it looks like that the games may be on hold indefinitely, until November at least in the South Bay.

In the meantime, something to get through this adverse time.

COMMUNITY: Bay Area nurse utilizes overseas connections to allocate thousands of masks for local hospitals (

Also SF City has been trying to do good in the community.  For each sale 15% will be donated to the SF/Marin Food Bank.

If you just want to donate directly, the SF/Marin Food Back has a Facebook page.

One more, a fellow supporter/fan from the soccer family/network needs some help.  Any amount helps.  Anyone has had a family member hit by illness so even at this unprecedented time it takes a village to pull through.

Update: their goal was met in a short amount of time but always a chance to still contribute.  Again any amount helps.

Another one to help out those who are working in the hospitals.  The San Jose Ultras could not make their trip to Miami for their April anniversary so instead they started a plan to have food trucks serve the medical staff at West Valley Medical Center.  They managed to hit their goal in less than a day, with the Quakes matching their total.  So, the page is still up and anything big or small makes a difference.

We’ll be posting at least something once a week.  Something from the vault.  July 2017 USA v Jamaica Gold Cup Final.  Taken for FootySF.

And a reminder.