MLS is Back – Update

Update on the Quakes schedule.  The game that was supposed to take place on Monday July 20 vs FC Dallas has been cancelled.  Now, the Quakes will play against Chicago on Sunday July 19 at 5pm.

The teams were supposed to play this season at Soldier Field but due to the pandemic that game has obviously been cancelled, and with FC Dallas and Nashville SC out of the tournament due to the number of Covid-19 cases on each club one team in the 5 team category would have to move and Chicago now gets to play against the likes of the Sounders, Whitecaps, and obviously the Quakes.

While it looks like this may be the only games scheduled for this year not including the knockout rounds if the team advances, stay tuned for a possible fall schedule but that would be all dependent on the health order of San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the State of California.  We’re still not sure if a limited amount of people will be allowed for the games but if England and Germany has to show behind closed doors that may be the trend until next year.   Stay tuned for any further updates, but with safety protocols in place despite the current news, the game is back for this year.