Latest News – NPSL and UPSL

It looks like that they will be a 2021 season for both the NPSL and UPSL. What remains to be seen are the NSL–which is set to debut at a date yet to be announced, and USL League Two–which is speculated to not play again this year.

For now, FC Davis of the NPSL has announced a plan to return to play, which would mean El Farolito, the Stompers, and debutant Contra Costa FC will have matches depending on local health and safety protocols.

We will let FC Davis tell more–the schedule is supposed to come out at the end of this month.

The newest UPSL club AFC South Bay has announced a full schedule on their instagram. Some key dates include games against San Leandro on May 22.  As of now the other teams have not announced anything but again it will depend on health and safety protocols.  With the lower flight teams there is a small crowd hat attends the matches but spaced enough for social distancing.  If anything else is announced it will be posted here.

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