This week 10-29-18

We were at 3 games this weekend all over the San Francisco Bay Area. First up Saturday morning we covered the women’s match at Beach Chalet  between the San Francisco Nighthawks against the Olympic Club women’s team, which is hoping to match the success of their men’s team.  The second game instead of partaking in revelry with the Halloween crew we checked out the USPL I-880 derby at Raimondi Park between the Stompers and San Leandro.  To cap off the slate with a hat trick we returned to Redwood City to check out JASA and Real San Jose.

Also, the San Jose Earthquakes finished out the 2018 season with their game in the Pacific Northwest against the Seattle Sounders.  Unfortunately they did not finish the season on a winning note as they lost 2-1 to the Sounders.

In other news, the Oakland Roots have unveiled their crest.  At a later date they will announce which league they will partake in, as they aspire to bring pro soccer in Oakland.


The MLS season here may be over but like last year, we will be continuing to cover local soccer until November with the lower leagues.  We will not be resting between now and the start of the 2019 season since we will be posting hot stove material and possibly material from the vault. Any breaking news we will post here on the site.