This Week 5-17-21

The Monday deets are here though a bit late.  It’s been a busy weekend and a ton happening on and off so a quick summary.

First up QuakesFan has his take on both games against Seattle and Portland.  The next game against KC may determine at this stage if the Quakes are contenders or pretenders. Also, we’re thinking of you at this time.  Take care of family–they come first.

Congratulations to Santa Clara and their women’s team for winning the college championship.

Plus our own takes on the Sounders and Timbers games.  Also, we were back on the SFSFL beat checking out a few games–the showcase being Olympic Club v Oakland SC.  We also managed to get in Metro v Azteca.  Better late than never since we didn’t arrive until the start of the second half.

Last, some great news from the NPSL.  It looks like there will be a 2021 season in Northern California.  With the UPSL and NSL well into play right now this will be a sign that the game has closely returned to the fold.  We’re eager to get back to covering this beat very soon.

Stay tuned for some more coverage around the Bay.