SF City v Orange County SC U23s revisited

Again, the deets from SF City FC on their retrospective.  This time Friday Night Lights against the Orange County SC U23s.

Update 12/5: Instagram post added.


Our first match of the season under the lights at Kezar! Unfortunately, Orange County was the better side this evening,…

Posted by San Francisco City FC on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The original post from June.

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SF City v Ventura County Fusion revisited

SF Glens v SF City revisited

SF City v San Diego Zest revisited

Aguiluchos v SF City (US Open Cup) revisited





JASA Redwood City v Stompers

In a game that was postponed a week earlier due to the teams’ participation in the US Open Cup, and in addition to the poor air quality caused by the recent Northern California wildfires, JASA Redwood City and the Oakland Stompers finally have their game to determine placement in the division.  The match was dominated by Redwood City with three unanswered goals to give them a 3-1 win.  A late Stompers goal off the free kick in the second half was the consolation in ruining the shutout for the home team.  The 90 minutes were dominated by some very chippy and animated play from both sides.  However, it was home team that prevailed in the return leg that saw them draw even last month.

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With the win JASA clinches the UPSL Western Conference Wild West South Division and complete their regular season slate with a perfect 5 wins and 3 draws (18 points).  The Stompers, currently in second place with 2 wins, 3  draws, and 2 losses (9 points) still have a chance at second place when they meet San Ramon Tuesday night November 27 at 9pm at Raimondi Park in a makeup date from November 10.  Simple win for Oakland would mean the second spot in the post-season.  The rest of the UPSL division schedule has been unconfirmed, but only the Stompers and JASA have completed their slate of matches, with the US Open Cup third round game and their league make-up game to go.


SF City v Ventura County Fusion revisited

Once again, SF City has posted their retrospective on the 2018 season.  Today, they reflect on the match against Ventura County Fusion.


The 2-0 win over Ventura was a massive result as it handed them their first loss of the season. It was also our second…

Posted by San Francisco City FC on Monday, November 19, 2018



Again, the game takes when they were first posted shortly after the match.

Our original game summary from June 10.

Facebook series with expanded photos, as with the previous game sets on the 3pointsport page.

The whole flickr set, including the Instagram posts.




SF City will be posting the remainder in the coming weeks and when they are online their retrospective, along with all the related materials, will be available at 3pointsport.com – and Happy Thanksgiving!



SF Glens v SF City revisited


SF City v San Diego Zest revisited

Aguiluchos v SF City (US Open Cup) revisited






SF Glens v SF City revisited

Once again, SF City has their take on the Glens game.

The 2-1 victory over Glens at Boxer Stadium was the first of four wins out of six, seeing us go atop our local rivals in…

Posted by San Francisco City FC on Tuesday, November 13, 2018


From the previous posts:

Our original game day summary from June 2.

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By the way, thank you James.  Looking forward to the next matchups. 🙂  James being Jimmy Conrad from the Quakes, Sporting KC, and the US National Team now plying his trade with the rival Glens.  We’ll be reporting on them as well.


We’ll be posting the retrospectives here at 3pointsport.com, and give SF City a follow.  Yes, the Glens as well.



SF City v San Diego Zest revisited

Aguiluchos v SF City (US Open Cup) revisited




SF City v San Diego Zest revisited

The Return to Kezar. Last season's home opener marked the return to legendary Kezar Stadium. 📸: Nap Badillo

Posted by San Francisco City FC on Monday, November 5, 2018


Once again, continuing the series – this time posted by the team itself.  The home opener also marked the return to Kezar Stadium after spending the 2017 up the road at Negoesco Stadium at the University of San Francisco campus.

Also the other takes on this game:

Game Day blurb

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Aguiluchos v SF City (US Open Cup) revisited




Aguiluchos v SF City (US Open Cup) revisited

0-4 winners away to CD Aguiluchos📸: Nap Badillo

Posted by San Francisco City FC on Monday, October 29, 2018


We’ll post more at a later time but for now–on the SF City Instagram and Facebook pages.

Also you can revisit this game on our previous blurb here on the site,  on Facebook, and on Flickr:




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JASA Redwood City v Real San Jose

In a match between the top two teams in the UPSL Wild West South, JASA Redwood City hosted Real San Jose in a battle for first place.  The home team widened their lead as JASA won 3-1 over the South Bay visitors.

The set (including the Instagram posts):


JASA Redwood increased their lead in the Wild West South with their win and remain unbeaten (4 wins, 0 losses, 3 draws – 15 points) and 7 ahead of second place Real San Jose (2 wins, 2 losses, 2 draws – 8 points).   JASA head to the road next weekend on November 3 when they play San Ramon Dynamos, while Real San Jose hosts the Oakland Stompers on the same day at the PAL Stadium.

Stompers v San Leandro United FC

In a blowout game that was dominated by physical play, the Oakland Stompers put their mark with a 6-0 win over San Leandro United FC.  The goals were from Zahnin Mahic off a penalty kick, two from Burlingame Dragons alum Khaled Arma–all in the first half, with another three in the second half from Michael Molinari, Fire/Sporting KC/USA U23 alum Benji Joya, and Gustavo Tavera-Rico to cap off the barrage.

The set (including the Instagram posts):



The win was the first for the Stompers who still have the fourth spot (5 points) in the Wild West South Division with 1 win, 2 losses, and 1 draw while San Leandro still holds third place (6) points with 1 win, 2 losses, and 3 draws.  JASA and Real San Jose still hold the top and second spots respectively pending other results.

Both teams will face off against Real San Jose in their next match.  The Stompers head down the road to play at the PAL Stadium next Saturday November 3, while San Leandro will wait two weeks to resume play and will host the South Bay club on November 10 at Burrell Field.  Up the road at the same time at Raimondi Park the Stompers will host San Ramon Dynamos.

Of note: due to the Stompers and JASA Redwood City playing in the third round of the US Open Cup the weekend of November 17, their league match will be rescheduled at a date to be announced.  That game could come down to post-season rank.  Stay tuned to the site for the new date and time.

Nighthawks v Olympic Club

3pointsport.com was there along with the SF City Northsiders to check out the San Francisco Nighthawks play against the Olympic Club women’s team at the Beach Chalet on Saturday.  In past years City and the Nighthawks have hosted double headers so the arrangement has stuck in place.  (Disclaimer: the writer is a member of the Northsiders).

The game was just as competitive as the top flight NWSL with players in for the love of the sport and possibly the hope of getting a chance to play in the big leagues.  In the end the Nighthawks emerged as the winner defeating Olympic Club 3-2 and retaining their hold on the top spot in the Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League, while the Olympic Club remain in second place.

The set (including the Instagram posts):


The Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League schedule and results can be found here on their website.

The standings are also here.

JASA Redwood City v San Leandro United FC

3pointsport.com was at the game between JASA Redwood City and San Leandro United FC, and while it was a long ride from the hub of San Jose  to the county seat of San Mateo–it was an entertaining match with a 3-3 draw.

The set (including the Instagram posts):


The draw leaves JASA remaining on top of the Western Conference Wild West South Division with 2 wins, 4 draws, and still no losses (10 points) while San Leandro is in second with 1 win, 4 draws, and 1 loss (7 points).

JASA continues their home slate hosting Real San Jose next Sunday October 27 at 5pm at Red Morton Park while San Leandro United continue their road slate with a game up the I-880 with a match against the Oakland Stompers at Raimondi Park on Saturday October 26 at 7:30 pm.