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There is also another slate of games that was just announced, and this marks the eventual return of NISA to this area.  The latest Bay Area club, Bay Cities FC from Redwood City, will be playing in the 2021 Independent Cup consisting of NISA, select UPSL teams, and other amateur/semi-professional clubs. In this tournament they have been placed in the Pacific Region against Cal Victory FC, PDX FC, and Space United FC. These games will continue to serve as a test run before their NISA debut next year.

The schedule for Bay Cities FC is they will open up against Cal Victory FC on Saturday July 10 6pm at Sequoia  (High School) Union Stadium.  Their second match of the tournament will be on the road to Portland, Oregon against PDX FC at Hilken Community Stadium on Saturday July 17 at 6pm.   The latest Bay Area club will return home to Sequoia to host Space United FC of Seattle on Saturday July 24 at 5pm to close out the first round.

More details will be announced at a later date if Bay Cities FC advance past this stage, but we can anticipate them playing against the likes of Chattanooga and Detroit.  If this happens, the plan is to provide coverage on that end.

We will continue to provide soccer coverage in the Bay Area as the region and entire state returns to the fold.  Stay tuned for more summer updates.